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Why use HydroShield

Founded in 1995, HydroShield has established itself as an industry leader in surface protection and restoration. HydroShield is internationally recognized for introducing the latest hydrophobic technologies to its customers and dealers by offering unique products that protect and restore glass, tile, porcelain and stone surfaces.

HydroShield’s mission is to provide customers with eco-friendly, low maintenance, and long-lasting products that protect and restore surfaces located throughout their home or office.

Our customer experience is simple. HydroShield customers can throw away their harsh and acidic cleaners, spend less time cleaning, and take comfort in knowing they’ve protected their investment.



Travertine before HydroShield Stone Protection


Travertine protected with HyrdoShield Stone Protection with a 3 year warranty

Grout before HydroShield Clear Grout Protection

Treated with HydroShield Clear Grout Protection. Protect your investment

Grout before HydroShield Tile Grout Protection

Treated with HydroShield Clear Tile Protection

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