Marble Sealing & Protection

Buying or Installing Marble, Slate, Limestone, Travertine or even Granite in your home?

Marble sealing and protection is extremely important in the Phoenix area. In fact, marble damage can occur as soon as it is installed. This beautiful stone is a distant relative of limestone, developing under extreme pressure, deep below the ground. Unfortunately, it is softer and more sensitive than granite, staining and showing wear more easily. Maintaining marble surfaces requires the application of a penetrating sealer.

Superior Protection

Accidents Happen

Any acidic product (including fruit juice and soda) can etch marble’s delicate surface. It is also easily stained or discolored. Stains resulting from even moderate daily use, especially with children or pets, can become permanent. Many cleaning products and household chemicals can worsen the damage and attempts to clean up a spill or stain may inadvertently cause more harm than benefit. The HydroShield Marble sealer system is one sure way to ensure that your marble or other natural stone surface remains as stain free as the day it was installed.

There are many products available today for sealing marble surfaces, but they are not all created equal. HydroShield’s proprietary system provides a long-lasting level of protection that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Marble is Porous

The highly porous character of marble makes it eager to absorb almost anything it comes into contact with. HydroShield’s unique penetrating action fills those pores, rendering it invulnerable to staining by virtually anything (as long as you clean them as directed). Once treated with HydroShield, marble repels spills rather than absorbing them, allowing you to simply wipe the surface clean and dry with an absorbent cloth.

If your marble is already installed, don’t delay giving it the protection it needs to last a lifetime. Contact HydroShield Phoenix today for a complimentary consultation.